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curate the finest experience in the travel industry



Inspired by the luxurious PanAm flying Clippers we set out to create the finest travel experience in the world. We were consumed by the idea of a sky cruise experience where the Jet was so luxurious and full of life that the flights lived up to the destinations themselves. Our Vision was to provide a private jet experience where the time spent on board was a vacation in itself. A place to make new friends and memories in destinations you would have never dreamed of. There weren't many options so we knew it was time to build ClipperJet.

With our 50+ years in Aviation & Hospitality experience, and our deep network of the world's finest boutique hotels, we knew we could curate unmatched Global Itineraries. All the time we'd amassed in these industries gave us the expert knowledge needed to provide you the experience of a lifetime. Our goal will always be to free you from any of the work and time spent putting together a vacation of this magnitude. We put in the 50 years so you didn't have to waste a second. The hardest decision you'll have to make is steak or lobster, we suggest surf and turf because you can have it all. That's the ClipperJet promise. 


"Experiences over possessions"

James Occhipinti - founder

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