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Official Clipper Jet Press Release

ClipperJet to Release 200 $155,555 "Founder's Pass" NFTs

Limited NFTs will unlock Global Excursions on the Company’s premier luxury jet

and unprecedented membership benefits.


Los Angeles, CA - June 2022 – ClipperJet Global Inc., North America’s premier private jet experience, today announced the launch of its “Founder’s Pass” NFT at a price tag of $155,555 each. With only 200 passes going on the market Friday 6/3/22, each NFT owner will gain an exclusive membership and access to one of ClipperJet’s monthly 26 day, ultimate luxury sky-cruise experience.


The first excursion will take flight in early 2023 aboard a first-of-its-kind, wide-body Boeing 777, fully customized in a private jet finish. Bringing 50 years of aviation and hospitality experience, ClipperJet’s leadership team brings uniquely curated itineraries that feature culturally immersive experiences, exclusive limited-access accommodations, and a white-glove customer experience. 


Access to the excursion is only one of the membership benefits. The goal behind the NFT is to provide ongoing utility and community. The 200 NFT holders will gain access to exclusive parties, customized Louis Vuitton luggage, discounted future trips and truly revolutionary benefits - referral rewards. For every excursion referral, NFT holders will receive 10% of the retail price. ClipperJet also plans to unveil their “GulfStream City Pair” at the end of 2023, offering ultra-luxury private jet travel between NYC and LA. The 200 NFT holders will get first access to this City Pair booking, a benefit they will enjoy for all future trip releases. 


“This experience is a huge milestone for our mission of redefining luxury travel in the sky and on land, and bringing passengers to the world's most exclusive destinations in unmatched style and comfort,” said Paul Sanchez, Founder, at ClipperJet. “We see tremendous potential for this use case for NFTs, from verifiable ownership to smart contracts to a new way to foster community, and are confident NFTs will soon make their mark across the entire industry. We’re proud to be the first.” 


To deliver this experience using forward-thinking tech, ClipperJet has partnered with Dropt, a Web3 marketing company that is building the next generation of membership, loyalty & rewards on blockchain.


“While the value and utility of NFTs is undeniable, buying and storing NFTs can be intimidating,” said Paul Sanchez, Founder, at ClipperJet. “Dropt’s technology makes it easy to purchase the Founder’s Pass, accepting ACH Direct Debit or select cryptocurrencies for payment. Dropt is also offering their concierges to help customers setup digital wallets for storing their NFT and ‘custodial wallets’, which simplify the buying process significantly. ”


26 Day Natural Wonders & Timeless Intrigue – [Jan 23]

Big Sky Montana – Costa Rica – Turks & Caicos – Marrakech – Zimbabwe – Madagascar – Dubai – Thailand – Tokyo – Big Sky Montana. 

About ClipperJet

ClipperJet is an ultra-luxury private jet experience, combining fully customized, best-in-class private jets with the finest global destinations and expertly curated itineraries.


About Dropt 

Dropt is a Web3 marketing technology company enabling the next generation of loyalty & rewards, membership, and community, where customers control the engagement experience in a people-centric environment, forging deeper and

more rewarding relationships with their favorite brands.

For more information on the ClipperJet’s Luxury Sky Cruise Experience, visit or reach out to Founder, Paul Sanchez, at

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