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your ​pass to the vacation of a lifetime. we have curated the finest 26 day excursion around the world on the first ever wide body Boeing 777 fully customized in a private jet finish. every detail is tailored to you, on and off the jet, to ensure an unforgettable experience. 

benefits of holding our founder's pass

  • A Seat Onboard the first ClipperJet excursion

    Exclusive access to ClipperJet kick off parties

  • Bespoke ClipperJet x Louis Vuitton Luggage

  • Ipad Pro with integrated trip concierge tools 

  • 20% discounts on future excursions

  • 10% rewards for ticket referrals tied to your nft

  • Priority access to Gulf Stream City Pair Membership (NYC to LA)


Compared to regular priced ticket  

$180,000 per person (based on double occupancy) 

$193,000 per person (based on single occupancy) 

For more information on the ClipperJet’s Luxury Sky Cruise Experience, Please reach out to Founder Paul Sanchez, at, to schedule a consultation.


The ClipperJet team is passionate about creating unique experiences that are the first of their kind in the aviation space. We chose to release the Founder’s Pass NFT that represents your exclusive membership to a group of just 200 Founders.


Beyond digital memorabilia, your unique NFT outlives your 4-week excursion and travels with you. Leveraging blockchain technology, your NFT tracks your referrals, generates rewards, and allows you to redeem discounts with ease. From the exclusive Founder Kick Off parties to future ClipperJet events, your NFT is your all-access pass. To enter our restricted booking site for future excursions and the Gulf Stream City Pair launch, your NFT is your login.


If you decide you want your ClipperJet excursion to end, you can put your Founders NFT up for sale on the ClipperJet NFT marketplace.


Make history with us and let your dreams take flight.

how to purchase your nft

Purchases can be made via ACH Direct Debit or with accepted cryptocurrencies. Upon clearing, ClipperJet will automatically send your NFT to your digital wallet.


If you don’t have a digital wallet, or don't know how to accept and store an NFT, not to worry. Upon purchase we will send you detailed instructions explaining how to receive and capture your exclusive NFT, and offer any help you need along the way. 


q2 - 2022

Q3 - 2022

Q4 - 2022

Q2 - 2023

Q4 - 2023


- Founder's Pass NFT release


- ClipperJet x Louis Vuitton keepall bandouliere 45 travel bag delivered to founder's pass holders

- las vegas founder's pass kick off party  

- iPad drop to Founder's Pass Holders



- First clipperjet excursion takes Flight


- 10 to 14 day Excursion Launch 



- Gulf Stream City Pair Service Launch (LA - NYC)

Priority access to Founder's Pass Holders* 

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